What Makes Us Different?

I believe this is what makes us different:  

  • We make our visits to your homes and businesses, as some may not.
  • We build custom gaming computers at the going rate for parts, and labor stays about the same.
  • We have the experience that the other guy may not have.
  • Our customers are happy!  Don’t just take our word for it, check us out here on Google: https://goo.gl/3j2kIg    With over 30 5-Star ratings, we couldn’t be too bad!
  • We’re a family-run business.  So, when you support Shazam! Computers, you help support a family in Waterford!
  • We’re fairly priced with our services.  Many of my customers have come and said to me that I bill fairly, and with my services, I believe that as well.  
  • I don’t gauge my customers with over-priced unnecessary services and parts that are not needed for your computer and/or your computer services.  If you don’t need it, then I don’t want to bill you for it.  I like to be serviced the way you like to be serviced.

If there’s a service that You don’t see here, and would like to know if I can help you out, please contact me, and I’ll let you know if I can help you.  But, if I can’t hep you, I’ll tell you where you can get those services.


What makes shazam! Computers different than the competition?


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In Home service

I will come to your home and help you out with your computer issues. Whether it’s a Mac or PC issue. Networking or Wifi or Printing Issues, Shazam! Computers is there to help you out!

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At Business Service

This can go 2 different ways: I help you out at your business for a couple of hours, or I pick up your equipment and then I take it back to my shop.

Computer Build Service.

Want a computer built to your specifications, and not the big box brand? No problem, I have done it time and time over and over again for the years. I even have a few computers in my office that I’ve built. Come by and see!***Because of Covid, I may request at a time where there’s no one in my shop.

Many, Many Satisfied Customers Since 2012.


Don’t just take my word for it, take one of the many who have helped give Shazam! Computers a great name!

If possible, I would have selected all 5 choices from the what I liked section.
Eric is exceedingly gifted with all aspects of technology. He is kind and patient, with a stellar work ethic and problem-solving skills.
Along with setting up our new computer, we wanted to set up an artist’s tablet. Before he started installing it, he told us that he had limited experience with this product, as it is used primarily by commercial artists. After several attempts, he said he did not want us to waste time and money having him figure it out, and suggested contacting the manufacturer for help with finding professionals for this specific product.
I beyond highly recommend Eric 😍
Abbey G

Fabulous Illinois Customer

Abbey Graves

Let’s make something beautiful together.