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You can Text me or call me at that number.  If it’s after hours, I will reply the next business day.

Or, please email me at shazamcomputers@gmail.com


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Since 2012, (Not since the 2019 movie, just FYI! LOL!)We’re a small PC & MAC/IT Repair place in the heart of Waterford.  If you want, and live in the Waterford area, I will pick up your PC or MAC, bring it back for FREE! (non-business customers only, please)  Others will be priced accordingly.  


We have a variety of services, including:

  • Restore your present computer to its original condition.  To have it running better than when you brought it to me.
  • Help you out with email problems with your local workplace and/or your home
  • Help if you’re having problems with connectivity from your computer to your printers at home and/or office.
  • Building a computer for you, specifically for your needs.
  • Networking your home or your small office
  • Removing viruses, hookworms, spyware, or anything else that may be slowing your computer down.
  • Installation of software onto your computer.
  • You’ll be happy that you came to us to fix your computer at very fair prices!  
  • New for 2020!  I may even have my helper, Jonah, come along and help me with some networking issues or some other computer complications. **Later on, I may also include a photo of us together.**

About Me:

My name is Eric, and I have owned my photography business, Eric’s Expressions Photography, since 1997. During that time, I have learned how to network computers, solve hardware and software issues, and diagnose problems. I have been focusing on the IT arena since 2005.

In August of 2012, I decided that it was time to open up Shazam! Computers.  Some of you may not have known me because, well, I was just starting out!  It was a very humble beginning, but as time went on, I was able to grow tremendously in the Waterford, Wisconsin, area.  I’m hoping to expand to Lake Geneva, Franklin, and even Milwaukee someday!  Who knows?  Maybe in 2023, you’ll see a storefront of Shazam! Computers near you.  We’ll see what happens.


Eric R. Klingsten

Shazam! Computers