Service Rates for 2023

Backup your files are very time-consuming, and may take up to 1 hour; reinstalling them can take up to an hour as well.   To clean/reinstall software/personal data can take up to 3-4 hours, yet, at the same time, I will go as quickly as your files will travel to your computer.  I’ve had customers who ask how long it takes, and a lot of the times I’ve told them only about 2 hours when it ended up being like up to 4 hours.  I can’t afford to lose that much time any longer.  

Effective as of March 1, 2023, my hourly rate will be $95/hr.

Backup/Reinstall Software/Personal Data/Reinstalling Windows with all updates: 2-4 hours of time: $190-380.  This includes all of the backups, installation of the software, and updates, just like the title says.

Building custom-made computers (around, depending on the market-sometimes more sometimes less. The last computer I built would only cost about $700 because he didn’t need a GPU)$1000 and up; with 5-6 hours of labor with that in mind.  I do the complete job:  Not only do I put everything together, but I also test your computer for 24-72 hours non-stop, making sure that all of your data is restored, backups, and software that you wanted back onto your computer.  If you just want a completely new computer with no backups, most likely it will take about 3-4 hours to build. 

If you want to bring all of the parts to me, I’d only charge about $285.

Installing software and updating software is between a 1/4 hour on up. If only installing the software will be a minimum of $95.00

***NEW:  I will install/have installed a water cooler on your computer.  Up To ~$300.  Depends on what part you want, or if there are lots of details on your computer.

Any other repair will depend on what it is.  Please anticipate a minimum of 1 hour up to 2 hours for MOST jobs.  Backups/Reinstalling, etc always take more.  

SHOP RATES as of March 2023.

For residential customers that bring their computers to me: $95/hour.   

If a concise time is spent on your computer, like 30 minutes or less it’s only $60 for that repair-(only in the shop).  If for some reason, the computer, printer, etc are not repairable, and I’ve spent even 2-3 hours on it, I will only charge you my minimum fee of $95.

Any business customers that bring their computers/printers to me are $120/hour.   If I travel to your work, I may require a 2-hour minimum. There is no fee for me to pick up your computer/printer at your business in Waterford only.


***I will give a 10% discount on labor (not parts) to Any Grade School Students: 1-12 from any school.***



For Business customers that  I am traveling to within the Waukesha, Milwaukee, and Walworth county areas is $180/hour with a 2-hour minimum.  Outside of those areas will be more, depending on where you live.  I can tell you before I start working if you want me to quote you.

Waterford Customers: $110/hour. Waterford Business: $135/hour.

Residential Outside Waterford (Village and most of the town): $120/hour with a 2-hour minimum at their homes in Tichigan (because it’s about the same distance for me to travel to the other cities) & Burlington.  Mukwonago $125/Hr.  Muskego/New Berlin is $135/hour.

Residential in the Racine Area: $135/hour with a 2-hour minimum at their homes in those areas.  Businesses are $160/hour

Residential  $145/hour at their homes or place of business who live/work in Milwaukee, and Walworth counties. 2-hour minimum. If there is a pickup, there will be a minimum of $60, and $85 for Walworth Counties, and Milwaukee county.   The businesses in those areas are $180/hour with a 2-hour minimum.  **This is to offset the cost of traveling.  If it’s outside of those areas, contact me for pricing.


Residential in Antioch areas/ Richmond/Lake Villa is $155/hr with a 2-hour minimum. If you need me for 3 hours, I will discount it by $10/hour and make it $145/hour.  This is to offset the cost of traveling.  McHenry and surrounding cities are $165/hour.

For Saturdays, please call me FIRST to make sure I’m in the shop.  Those repairs won’t be completed until Monday.  Sundays are always Double-Time, meaning double the standard rate.  If you want me to work on Sundays for you, you MUST contact me on Saturday and discuss plans.  My phone lines automatically bring you to voicemail, and I won’t see it until Monday.

Rates are effective March 1, 2023, and may change with or without notice.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me here, at shazamcomputers@gmail.com, or call me at 262-716-7072.