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    reviews Thumbtack;  Eight 5 Star 

(unfortunately, I left Thumbtack for a while, so it can’t be seen now, but it will be built up again!)

  Reviews on Google: 30  5 Star!     see it here: https://goo.gl/3j2kIg

Reviews on Google!

** I know it looks like we’re braggin’, but we want to let people know that we’re serious about helping you out!!

Thank you so very much for coming to SHAZAM! Computers: The place to get your PC or MAC fixed, upgraded, or even if you want to get a new computer.  IF you have any other questions that are not on my site, please contact me at  (262) 716-7072. If I’m unavailable, leave a message, and I will return it.  Or email me at shazamcomputers@mail.com, and I will return a phone call or email within 24 hours!


***If you happen to text, call or even email me during the off-hours, it is most likely because I’m closed for the day, I will respond/text or call you the next day. ***

I am allowing people to drop off their computers at my office, and I will fix it within 1-2 days***, and we’ll do our absolute best to get it to you ASAP!!  Rest assured that it will be in good hands and back to your in a very short time–FIXED!

Make it a Great Day!

Eric R. Klingsten




Eric Klingsten

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  ***Parts may be ordered, or I’m doing testing to ensure that your computer is more than ready, and is running perfectly.”  “And, if you can see this link below, and you like to shop at Amazon, please click on it, it will direct you there. Thanks for supporting Shazam! Computers.



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