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Need help buying a computer, whether it’s new or used?  Ask me for my help!  I’ve been working on computers for more than a decade and can give you great advice on what is good, what is bad, what to stay away from, and what is less expensive—but it may not be a bad deal for a few years.

For those who want to know if we have any computers for sale, Shazam! Computers may be the place to go!  Ask me if I have any other computers for sale that are not here.  Or, if you would like to have one built, I can definitely help you with that.

The answer is yes!  I’m selling my 2015 MacBook Pro for $250. Great deal!

2013 21.5″ screen, like new! iMac—in Great Condition!  Only $175





If you would like to purchase a computer from us, let me know at or call me at 262-716-7072.




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