Used or NEW Computers? I got some used ones for sale now!

***My iMac is not for sale at the time being, it’s only there for showing purposes.***

Need help in buying a computer, whether it’s new or used?  Ask me for my help!  I’ve been working on computers for more than a decade and can give you great advice on what is good, what is bad, what to stay away from, and what is lesser expensive–but may not be a bad deal for a few years.

For those who want to know if ANY of those computers are for sale?  The answer is YES!  I’m selling my 2011 MacBook Pro for $195.   Great deal!

  • It includes High Sierra Mac OS
  • i7 CPU
  • Good shape
  • Includes charger.


****If the computer is higher-end, like $300 plus, I will require that amount to be paid to me before I make that purchase as well.****

If you would like to purchase a computer from us, let me know at or call me at 262-716-7072.

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