Used or NEW Computers?


Need help in buying a computer, whether it’s new or used?  Ask me for my help!  I’ve been working on computers for more than a decade and can give you great advice on what is good, what is bad, what to stay away from, and what is lesser expensive–but may not be a bad deal for a few years.


I only require the $99 to be paid upfront, and when the final bill is due, the final amount of the computer that I paid for.  The amount will be exactly what I paid for.  And, is not going to be taxed any additional taxes from Shazam! Computers. If there is extensive work to be done, for example, more than 1.25 hours, there will be charges.  Most likely not.


For those who want to know if ANY of those computers are for sale?  The answer is YES!  The 1st one, which is a desktop, and I’m selling it for $249.00 with a clean copy of Windows 10 Professional, AMD quadcore processor, 8 GB memory, and a good PSU.  Great for doing homework, work from home, and simple games.  Ask me for all details.


****If the computer is higher-end, like $300 plus, I will require that amount to be paid to me before I make that purchase as well.****


If you would like for me to do this for you, let me know at or call me at 262-716-7072.