Software Prices

Need Microsoft Office?  No problem, I can get it for you.

You need an operating system because the computer you have doesn’t have one.  No problem!  I can get one for you.  I have a reputable digital source that I can get for you quickly.

If I am fixing your computer while I install this software, it won’t be an extra charge.  Otherwise, it will be a minimum of $85.  If you have me install this software by remote access, the minimum charge will be $99 plus the cost of the software.

If there’s software that’s not listed here, let me know, and I’ll see if I can get it for you and install it on your computer.

Here is the list as of October 2022:  Prices may change with or without notice.

Malwarebytes Professional Annual Subscription with Labor: $57.50 (35.00 if you have me install other software or repairs).

Microsoft Office 2019 Pro: $49.99/79.99 for instant license.



Microsoft Office 2021 Pro: $99.99

Windows 10 Home PLUS Office 2019 Pro:      $109.99


Windows 10 Pro only             $50


Windows 11 Pro: $50


Windows 11 Pro PLUS Microsoft Office 2019/2021 (whichever is available): $149.00 (Save $10 when you buy the package)



You wonder, “How are you able to get such fantastic prices?”  The reasoning is that I buy from a digital provider (yes, it’s legal and legitimate) that’s able to give me great prices that I can pass along to you.

Apple Products: It depends on what it is.  This is the good thing about Apple: If your computer is able to take the upgrade, there’s no charge to you.  Ask me for details.

These prices are effective as of October 2022 and may change with or without notice.