Malwarebytes anti-virus anti-malware…HERE!


Say hello to smarter, safer protection for all your family’s devices. With Malwarebytes, you get AI-powered security with the latest intelligence from our threat detection team. So you can rest easy knowing that we’re finding and crushing hidden threats that traditional antivirus missed. The best part, we do it all without hogging your system’s resources or spamming you with annoying notifications.  


Halt Hackers

Protect yourself from hackers, malicious sites, infected ads, credit card skimmers, and credential thieves with our web and malware protection.


Respects your space

Intelligent defense

Our proprietary ransomware attack technology can protect your PC, files, and photos while shielding you from vulnerable and unpatched software.


Makes security Simpler

Expert guidance

Security Advisor is an all-in-one cyber protection dashboard that highlights your security status in real-time, so you’re better informed and empowered to act.


Brains over brute force

Brute Force protection blocks hackers from attempting to guess your login information. And uninstall protection blocks malware from disabling your security product.


Ultimate control

Our intuitive user interface gives you control to customize your protection and meet your needs without needing a master’s in computer science.


Nearly invisible

Our scans use 50% fewer CPU resources than before. With Play Mode enabled you can turn off notifications and updates as your game or watch movies.


I’ve partnered up with Malwarebytes, so I can get you the absolute best price of only $57.50/computer per year (Annual subscription and only 1/4 hr labor)!  Fabulous protection from viruses, malware, even rootkits that may attack your computer!

Please contact me with all your questions!


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**Does not protect your computer if you have allowed someone remotely to go into your computer, and may have planted virus’s/malware.  Please ask for those details as well.