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These are some of the links to the pages to which my site may be connected, or I have a great working relationship with them.  Check it out if you like!


ComputerRepair-Wisconsin:  We’re listed here!

on Yelp!  Some people go here too!

Best Pros In Town!  Yes, We Are!  And we’re proud of it!!


We’re even on FaceBook!  You can even book an appointment there.

Google Maps!  Yes!  Just put in Shazam! Computers in your Google Map Search, and it will direct you there! (Please call first to make sure I’m at my shop, please)   VerView

My Most Popular Way People Find Me:  The Best Around!  Google Reviews!!

NearmeQuest is The Place where I go for Graphic cards! 



If perhaps you’re needing a photographer for an event that you have coming up!  I have many years of experience in this field as well.  Click on the little box below:  Or, go to my website HERE. 

Capturing Memories and Expressions Since 1997


Contact Us Page.


The Bottom line for having these links is to show you how I’m connected with other businesses around the web!  You can click on them, and end up going to them for business to help them out!  Or, there may be a discount, like on Amazon or EVGA(Gaming peripherals).


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