Gaming Computers, Today!

Nothing like having that cool Gaming Computer to play all of your favorite games!

Let’s set up an appointment today, plan and I will help you out with scoping out your computer so you can start playing all of your favorite games.

Limited Time Offer**!! I will spend up to 1 hour building the computer for you! At no extra charge! Meaning the case, what games you like to play, budget, obstacles you’ve had in the past, if you have equipment like HDD you’d like to transfer to the new computer, etc.


Having done the Shazam! Way!

I have been doing this for almost a decade, and do a great job at it! I have a couple of samples in my office/showroom to show off.

What we Do

Of course, with your budget in mind, I will take all of your ideas with the kind of games you would like to play, what kind of lights you like, and what experiences you’ve had in the past. What problems you had, and what issues we can overcome.

What we Do

So, with all of the information, and plans that we get from you we will start right away with the order, and order parts. Most times I can get parts in 1-2 business days. IF I have the parts on hand, then less. I do want to reiterate that parts do change from time to time. So, what a Video card may cost $180 today, they may go to $220 the next week. I have seen prices going up and down, and I will do my absolute best to get you the best prices possible!

**We don’t sell the Bugha gear as shown in the slides, but you can get it at 5Below!**



2012-Present Day

I’ve been working on computers for about 15 years, several years before Shazam! Computers. After time, I’ve come to the realization that I can help others with the same talent that I’ve been given. And it shows! Also see this: There you will see my reviews.


**We don’t have a lot of videos for Shazam! Computers just yet, but we’re going to work on getting some!**

Let’s make something together.