After a decade of working on computers, both PC and MAC computers, I’ve come to the knowledge of what will work best for me and for you.  So, here are some questions that you may have:

  • Will you come to my home to help me out with my computer?  Of course, I love doing that and will continue to do so. 😀

  • Can you come to my business to help me out with our Wifi, Networking, or other Computer issues?  Absolutely.  I love doing that as well.  Please contact me first for my availability, and rates, because of where your business is at.

  • Will you build me a gaming computer?  If I can get all of the parts needs, Absolutely!  I love to game as much as you do!  GPU or Video Cards are becoming more accessible, but, please still contact me on this one, and I’ll let you know.

  • My computer is running slow.  Can you help me out with that?  Absolutely!  Call me up and bring it on in!  We want to get your computer running Shazamin’ Fast!

  • I need my computer to be backed up.  Can you help me out with that?  Sure, no problem.  Call me up and bring it on in.


Do you replace Laptop screens? 

  • After so much trouble in the past, I’m modifying this answer, because it’s causing a lot of headaches for me and my business, so this is what I’m going to implement from now on:
  1.   IF perhaps you have a screen with your broken laptop, I may consider it.  I’ve had better luck on Apple products than PCs.
  2.   I may have you just get the part, and then sign if I have to work on this computer more than expected you will pay me the difference.
  3. I have different sources from which I obtain the screen, and it will be in good to very good condition.  Of course, you can keep the old parts, if you want.
  4. The repair will be a 2-3 hour job of $255 PLUS the part.



  • Will you replace charger ports on laptops?  The answer is yes, but, if after an evaluation if it’s more than what I can do in my shop, I”ll give you options on what you may want to do.
  • Will you quote me on how much my computer repair will be?  In the past, when I did that, it always took a lot longer than expected.  So, I really don’t like to quote pricing, but you can go here and see what my charges are for what’s needed.  I just don’t like to quote a job that would take me a lot longer than what I’m getting paid.  But, I do promise that I will be more than fair. I’ve even had times where I told the customer that it would take more hours than expected, and I think they were happy about that.  Maybe as time goes on, I’ll feel more comfortable in quoting, but for now, let’s just say that MOST jobs take about 2 hours.
  • I have horrible viruses, and my computer isn’t functioning properly, can you help me with that?  Absolutely!  Call me up!

  • My computer needs an anti-virus, do you suggest one?  Absolutely!  I highly recommend Malwarebytes, as I am now an official distributor, and get you the best price!

  • Will you pop me some popcorn?  Sure, but not around your computer!  We don’t want it to get all sticky. 😀