Dear Future Customers:  With this e-Store in mind, please Text or Call me at 262-716-7072.  There’s been some issues with people contacting me.  OR, you may email me at shazamcomputers@gmail.com  I promise I will contact you ASAP!!

Use us 24/7!  Shazam! Computer e-Store

This part of my website will allow you to reserve my services, even before I’m opened up!

If it’s a holiday, no problem!  On the next available business day, I’ll take care of you!

A Sunday?  No Problem!  I’ll take care of you on Monday!

Saturday night? No problem!  I’ll take care of you on Monday!

***With all of this in mind, if there’s an emergency, call me at 262-716-7072.  Additional charges will be double the normal.  This must be made in advance!***