Welcome to Shazam! Computers




    reviews Thumbtack;  Eight 5 Star 

(unfortunately, I left Thumbtack for a while, so it can’t be seen now, but it will be built up again!)

  Reviews on Google: 12  5 Star!     see it here: https://goo.gl/3j2kIg

Reviews on Google!

** I know it looks like we’re braggin’, but we want to let people know that we’re serious about helping you out!!

Thank you so very much for coming to SHAZAM! Computers: The place to get your PC or MAC fixed, upgraded, or even if you want to get a new computer.  IF you have any other questions that are not on my site, please contact me at  (262) 716-7072. If I’m unavailable, leave a message, and I will return it.  Or email me at shazamcomputers@gmail.com, and I will return a phone call or email within 24 hours!

I am allowing people to drop off their computers at my office, and I will fix it within 1-2 days***, and we’ll do our absolute best to get it to you ASAP!!  Rest assured that it will be in good hands and back to your in a very short time–FIXED!

Make it a Great Day!

Eric R. Klingsten



Eric Klingsten
***Parts may be ordered, or I’m doing testing to ensure that your computer is more than ready, and is running perfectly.


8 thoughts on “Welcome to Shazam! Computers

  1. Hi! Do you do laptop repairs? I have a broken Dell laptop screen and want to keep the data on it and was wondering if you can, thanks!


  2. i have the petya virus and was wondering if you guys could fix it. it shows up with a red and white flashing screen with a skull and they say i have to buy a key to decrypt my files. could you help?

    Yes, I believe I can.

    Call me Monday morning at 10 am, and we can talk more about it then.

    Eric/Shazam! Computers


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